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Thanks for stopping by… The intent of this blog and this web-site is to offer discussion about information-related topics and to eventually provide some basic tools to facilitate getting an information management organization up and running.

One of the recurring themes here is going to be the imperative need for precise communication in IT analysis/design/development.  With that in mind let me make it clear here that “Information Architect”, as it will be used here, is different from the “Information Architect” that has come into common usage in the web-development community.  The term “Information Architect” taken literally is a much broader topic than user-interface design.

Also, the function of the Information Architect and the aspects of Information Architecture that will be discussed here will be limited, for the most part to the top three rows of the Zachman Framework (Contextual, Conceptual, Logical) so this is not really going to be a “Data Architecture” discussion insofar as Data Architecture concerns itself with designing a solution to the requirements that the Information Architect documents.  We probably won’t be discussing how to optimize PL-SQL for high-volume transactions or what physical disk architecture is optimal to support high-availability.

So… recapping:

Information Architect <> Screen Designer
Information Architect <> Data Architect

Information Architecture, as discussed here is going to be a collection of topics that center around determining the information needs of an organization, documenting those in a manner that will facilitate discussion, verification and implementation of those needs, and that will allow the support of new needs as they appear.  We will discuss metadata, requirements facilitation, OLAP and OLTP topics, standards and guidelines, governance, stewardship and many other topics.

The intent is for the discussions here to be as friendly and light-hearted as possible while providing value.

Finally, it is my intent to develop a collection of templates, tools and materials here that will help consultants and architects jump-start their projects.  In my experience it is ridiculously hard to find any good samples for naming standards, abbreviations, document templates, etc… on the web.  So it is my intent to begin to put together a collection of reusable artifacts here that folks can use to jump start their information management initiatives.

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